Hi there! I'm Lisa.

I am a native California girl married to my best friend, Colin; we currently live and work in the Silicon Valley. I am privileged to be mom to two fantastic grown sons and mom-in-law to a wonderful daughter. On any given Saturday, you can see my hubster and I out on our tandem bike somewhere, enjoying the beauty of creation!

I was on a similar journey of discovery to the one you are now on, until I became a coach in 2009. I received my certification in 2011.

Previous to coaching, I have been an employee and employer, an independent contractor and a solo-preneur. My varied career experiences help me encourage my clients in their career pursuits.

Prior to coaching my career experiences included:

  • the co-founder/ director of a classical school;
  • a parent/student coach for a charter school;
  • a curriculum trainer;
  • a mom at home;
  • a private school teacher;
  • a public school teacher;
  • a data entry specialist for a pharmacy;
  • an administrative assistant in the office at our church.

You are wired to fill a unique role; a life that is fulfilling and fun!

Together we can find out your:

  • strengths,
  • temperament,
  • spiritual gifts
  • aptitudes

Armed with these results, together we can design your map to step forward in this next season of your one life:

to live focused, fulfilled and with intention; knowing the Why along your Way.

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