Soul-full Sunday

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How have you spent your Sunday?

Perhaps you had to work outside the home. Or perhaps you work on Sundays in ministry. Maybe you spent your day outdoors and away from home.

Wherever you are today this invitation is for you.

Come to Me

It’s easy to forget this simple, beautiful soul-filling invitation when life is so full.

Jesus simply invites us to Come.

In this series of Lean Into Change, I invite you to try a new way of responding to this millennial old invitation.

Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas is a book I have truly loved reading and exploring the suggestions of age old ways of connecting with God.  Within his book there is an inventory at the end of each chapter to help you determine with what pathway(s) you most resonate. The wonderful folks at North Point Church have made the inventory available free online with permission from the Zondervan publishing house.

Sacred Pathways takes about 10 minutes to complete. You’ll see your scored responses right away; giving you potentially new ideas for better connection with your Creator.

Perhaps over the next 31 days you may take the risk to change up the way you respond to Jesus and His invitation. I’ll be unpacking the rest of this passage in the days ahead.

What is your response to this simple invitation: Come to Me?

How have you connected best with God in the past?

Have you ever engaged with Sacred Pathways? If so, what have you learned? What changes have you implemented as a result?