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I am a client too; I know how great it is to be coached.

Learning to deal effectively with work/life challenges and learning new ideas for responding to life’s difficulties are just two aspects of what coaching is all about.

Learning to apply the Coach Approach to career/life can help you gain balance in the following ways:

  1.  You will learn new skills to apply daily regardless of where you work.
  2.  You will be able to make changes in your responses toward frustrations.
  3. You will be able to practice both skills and responses in the coaching relationship.
  4. You will develop new habits of integrating your life: no more fragments!
  5. You will have opportunities to grow in the application of your faith!

These are just some of the benefits that can be yours from coaching.


How does it work?

We meet online or face-to-face for 50 minutes, focusing on what you find most important. Coaching sessions typically happen every other week for a minimum period of three months.


Can you give yourself the gift of time?

  • Time for focused change;
  • Time to gain traction in more than one area;
  • Time for results to happen!

I have three different access plans that can be tailored to fit your time and finances. I believe so strongly in the coaching process that I want to meet with you over the phone or in person free for our first session to give you a taste of what benefit coaching can be for you.

If any one of the 5 points above is resonates with you, contact me today. We can schedule your free coaching session to see if you’re ready!

Client Testimonials

erikapic"During our time together, a lot of my long-term, work-related goals came into light. I was able to discover which work environments spurred me on and which ones drained me.

Personally, I think life coaching, in general, creates a space that allows you to work through some of the important questions that end up on the backburner of day-to-day life.

Lisa is the type of person who really listens and wants God's best for each individual. She is honest and not afraid to challenge you and yet, never judgmental. God has gifted her with a welcoming and compassionate spirit.

Throughout my time with Lisa, I was most blessed with her direct, yet open-ended questions that allowed me to explore my core values and passions in a safe and encouraging place." - Erika

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juliepic"It helped so much to have someone keep me accountable to take steps towards God's good plans for me, during a time when it was tempting to give into discouraging thoughts.


The action steps that came to light through my coaching experience with Lisa were: Learning to discipline my thoughts and that it's okay to dream BIG in life; To trust that God loves me and has good plans for me; and one by one, to take steps towards those things and watch how God unfolds it." - Julie

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"Funny how much we pay apps but not people. I am one of those people who thinks she doesn’t need people, I can do it on my own. I am super independent and lots of times it works for me but not for everything, I need help sometimes. I pay for my kids to have a tumbling coach, a cheer coach, a field hockey coach, a soccer coach, a basketball coach. Why shouldn’t I have a coach to help me out with all this?!!

My mom, best friend, sister, or husband isn’t equipped with the tools that my life coach possesses to guide me ever forward in this beautiful journey we call life. In fact many times I have been told by friends and family how hard it is to try my dream, how much competition there is, I must be crazy “because it is totally impossible”. I have actually had a friend tell me that I have to “be born with talent, skills, abilities”. The people who are successful at my dream “have been born with all that.” They didn’t learn anything or go to classes? I think its funny how all these experts on my dream have done zero research!! They think they know what they are talking about, but all they know how to do is how to stop my dream and fill my head with stinking-thinking - I can’t, it’s impossible, don’t even try.

We pay for our kid’s tutors, house keepers, car mechanics, pizza deliverers, physical trainers, family photographers, hair dressers, instant movies, drive thru coffee, and high speed internet. Why not take care of us in all this?

Without meeting with Lisa on a regular basis I would be stuck in stinking-thinking that would keep me stuck in old habits and not going after my dream. I would not be where I am today without her. She is definitely on my short list of people to tell the world I am so thankful for her." -Krystina

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